FREE: Acura and Honda Automotive Transmission Troubleshooter.

The beginnings of this book came about after the development of the “Transmission Troubleshooter”; software package, which eventually became part of the “TransDoctor” PC based diagnostic equipment. Both of these related products, although meant for the professional side of the industry, left behind a huge arsenal of data that matched perfectly with the needs of the average consumer, DIY and mechanic aficionado. We assumed that his information, so far as the general public was concerned, did not necessitate to be part of a broad software package and therefore could be offered at a lower cost to the people. This book covers automotive Transmission diagnostics and electronic repair for Honda vehicles. The information was amassed during years of fieldwork and research in the automotive industry. For this reason, the information is presented in a direct, hands-on approach and skips the basic operation of automotive transmissions. If you are “trying” to discern the basics of automotive automatic transmissions, then there are other works that could help you do that. This book is meant to be used during real-life repair situations and it exposes you to exactly what you need to know to solve or get an in-depth knowledge of a specific problem. Various concepts are covered such as Transmission DTCs or trouble codes, Transmission ID, shift solenoid locations, component locations, electrical and wiring diagrams and finally measurement values for voltage and resistance. We hope you enjoy reading this work to gain knowledge and solve specific problems. So, without further ado, enjoy…

Language: English
File Type: PDF
Number of Pages: 140


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