Free Book: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, 1st Edition

Power Sources, Models, Sustainability, Infrastructure and the Market By Gianfranco Pistoia

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles


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ISBN 9780444535658
Elsevier,Β 27th July 2010
About This Book

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Power Sources, Models, Sustainability, Infrastructure and the Market reviews the performance, cost, safety, and sustainability of battery systems for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), including nickel-metal hydride batteries and Li-ion batteries.
Throughout this book, especially in the first chapters, alternative vehicles with different power trains are compared in terms of lifetime cost, fuel consumption, and environmental impact.

The emissions of greenhouse gases are particularly dealt with. The improvement of the battery or fuel cell, performance and governmental incentives will play a fundamental role in determining how far and how substantial alternative vehicles will penetrate into the market. An adequate recharging infrastructure is of paramount importance for the diffusion of vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells, as it may contribute to overcoming the so-called range anxiety.”

Thus, proposed battery charging techniques are summarized and hydrogen refuelling stations are described. The final chapter reviews the state of the art of the current models of hybrid and electric vehicles along with the powertrain solutions adopted by the major automakers.

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