Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems 2nd Edition

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Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems 2nd Edition


Book Format PDF
Book Language English
Book Size 24.4 MB
Number of Pages 379 pages, 929 Color Illustrations
ISBN 9780415725781
Published Published August 21, 2017

In this book (Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems, 2nd edition), I have therefore concentrated on core technologies, in other words how things work, rather than giving details about specifi c vehicles or manufacturers. However, I have included some examples of existing and upcoming technologies as a guide to how things are changing. This book is the first in the ‘Automotive Technology: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair’ series:

  • Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Automobile Advanced Fault Diagnosis
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

This book concentrates on essential knowledge and will cover everything you need to get started with your studies, no matter what qualifi cation (if any) you are working towards. When you want more detailed information, you can move on to the other books. I hope you find the content useful and informative. Comments, suggestions and feedback are always welcome on Dardoor.

On this site, you will also find lots of free online resources to help with your studies. Check out Chapter 6 for more information about the amazing resources to go with this and my other books. These resources work with the book and are ideal for self-study or for teachers helping others to learn. Good luck and I hope you find automotive technology as interesting as I still do.

Tom Denton
Tom Denton Automotive Author Automotive Technology
I started as an automotive engineer, taught in college for many years and now concentrate on writing automotive textbooks and multimedia blended eLearning materials. I really enjoy passing on my knowledge – and I enjoy learning new things about automotive technology too – as it is changing all the time. F1 fan and a computer geek – basically I like technology!


  • Preface
  • About the author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1. Overview and introduction
  • Chapter 2. Engine systems
  • Chapter 3. Electrical systems
  • Chapter 4. Chassis systems
  • Chapter 5. Transmission systems
  • Chapter 6. Automotive Technology Academy

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