Download 2016-2020 Honda Civic Repair Manual


This is the original OEM workshop manual for the 2016-2020 Honda Civic repair manual, (FC-FK) series, with the wiring diagram in PDF format.

This is the original OEM workshop manual for the 2016-2020 Honda Civic repair manual, (FC-FK) series, with the wiring diagram in PDF format.

Get the same comprehensive level of information that your Honda dealer mechanics and technicians have in a simple PDF format. It’s simple and straightforward with only the manufacturer’s authorized procedures which you can follow and do by yourself.

File Format PDF
File Language English
Workshop Repair Manual 182 MB
Pages Count 11,681
Delivery Method Instant Download

This manual includes the procedures for maintenance, disassembling, reassembling, inspection, and adjustment of components and diagnostics for the guidance of experienced mechanics. Please peruse and utilize this manual fully to ensure complete repair work to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. Before you buy this manual check first if your car is subject to a Honda service recall so the local dealer can repair your car FREE of charge. When replacing parts during repair work, please make sure to use Honda OEM genuine spare parts.

Contents: 2018-2020 Honda Civic Repair Manual

1-Serviceย  General Information.

2-Maintenance Minder.

3-DTC Index – Troubleshooting.

4-DTC Advanced Diagnostics.

5-Engine Mechanical System.

6-Engine Cooling System.

7-Engine Lubrication System.

8-Engine Exhaust System.

9-Turbocharger Control System.

10-Fuel and Emissions Systems.

11-Fuel Supply System.

12-PGM-FI System.

13-Catalytic Converter System.

14-PCV System.

15-Electronic Throttle Control System.

16-Intake Air System and Exhaust System.

17-Starter Overhaul.

18-EVAP System.

19-Ignition System.

20-Cruise Control System.

21-Charging System.

22-Volt Battery Removal and Installation.


24-Manual Transmission.

25-CVT System.


27-Brake System.

28-Electric Parking Brake System.

29-VSA System.


31-Front and Rear Suspension.

32-Adaptive Damper System.

33-Wheel _ Tire System.

34-TPMS System.

35-Power Steering.

36-Steering Wheel and Column.

37-Climate Control System.


39-Audio and Visual System.

40-Navigation System.

41-CAN Communications.

42-Driving Support System.

43-Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).

44-Keyless Access System.

45-Immobilizer System.

46-Immobilizer System.

47-Interior Trim.

48-Dashboard Center Console.

49-Power Mirrors.

50-Gauges System.

51-Horn System.

52-Power Window.

53-Seat System.

54-Seat Belts System.

55-SRS Airbag System.

56-Moonroof System.

57-Lighting System.

58-Exterior Trim.

59-Windows Glass and Mirrors.



62-Tailgate System.



65-Body and Paint.

66-Body Repair.

67-Body Control Module.


69-Wire Harness and Ground Locations.

70-Electrical Wiring Diagrams.


1-2018 Civic Hatchback PDI Information.

2-2018 Civic Hatchback PDI of the Navigation System.

3-2018 Civic Type R PDI Information.

4-2018 Civic Type R PDI of the Navigation System.

5-Personalized Setting Worksheet.

6- Owner’s Manual

Sample Pages

CAUTION: Please note that this manual is made for the use of persons who have special techniques and certifications. If non-specialized or uncertified technicians perform repairs or services only using this manual or without proper equipment or tools, this may cause severe injury to you or other persons nearby and also cause damage to your vehicle. To prevent dangerous operations and damage to your vehicle, please be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.