Immobilizer Features and Checking – Description, Interpretation

Immobilizer Features:

The immobilizer is a very effective type of anti-theft system. If there is an attempt to start the car engine without a key, the all-important circuit of the machine is broken immediately. As a result, the engine, starter or ignition systems are locked.

Immobilizer Operation Principle

The immobilizer is usually installed on any type of circuit serving the ignition system, the starter or the motor (engine).

The structure of the security system includes:

  • Control unit with a key;
  • Electromagnetic relay.

Only a driver can operate the immobilizer. A driver alone can either enable or disable the device. To unlock the security system, you can use special cards, radio signals emitted by a special unit and code placed in the electronic key. Some models use a manual method of entering the key information.

How To Disable The Immobilizer

If you have an electronic key for the immobilizer disabling, it must be inserted in a special slot. If you use a trinket, it should be put in a certain place in the car known to the driver only. In some systems with manual input, the driver himself enters the code. When operating a car with an already installed immobilizer, it should be remembered that the lock is maintained even when the security device is broken. If the driver takes no action for some time after unlocking, the immobilizer is activated automatically and switches the vehicle protection.

How to test immobilizer efficiency?

There are many ways to check the immobilizer’s efficiency. Now we will tell you about the simplest way to do it. To make sure that the immobilizer does work, the ignition key can be wrapped in the food aluminum foil. If the key is inserted into the ignition, a key icon will switch on the panel, but the icon must not light up. In this case, the car, respectively, should not be started, if you try to do it. If the key is inserted into the lock without food aluminum foil, the icon on the panel will light up, and the car engine should immediately be started.

Is it possible to steal a car equipped with an immobilizer?

Car owners often worry that in the time that elapses before the operation of the immobilizer when the driver leaves the car, the criminals can take advantage of the vulnerability of the car and steal it. To measure the exact duration of this time interval, a timer can be used. If the interval would be too long, you can contact the experts to carry out the necessary adjustments.

If the interval is acceptable, then you can be absolutely calm. Even if the criminal disables the security system, the immobilizer will stop basic car units and prevent theft.

It is almost impossible to disable the immobilizer without a special key that comes with it. To try doing so, a thief will have to try to get under the hood of your car. This possibility must also be foreseen. Therefore, additional car hood protection should also be organized. The radio channel will help you to operate the immobilizer quickly, reliably and securely. In combination with other types of security systems, the immobilizer is practically an ideal means of protecting the car. For this reason, most motorists use immobilizers to protect their cars from theft.