Free eBook: Combustion Engines Development

By Gunter P. Merker, Christian Schwarz and Rudiger Teichmann

Combustion Engines Development Mixture Formation, Combustion, Emissions and Simulation

About This Book

Combustion Engines Development Mixture Formation, Combustion, Emissions and Simulation

Nowadays commercial computer programs are normally used for engine and vehicle development for e.g. the simulation of the transient performance of vehicles or of the complete power train as well as for the simulation of high-grade transient processes in the engine combustion chamber.

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As in general no source code for these computer programs is available and due to time-consuming studies of the corresponding descriptions users often have insufficlient knowledge concerning the physical and chemical contents of the models used in these programs.

Therefore it is our special concern to reveal different physical and chemical approaches and to show the options and limits of the models used. So the focus of this book is definitely on the thermodynamical, fluid mechanical and chemical base of modelling of motor-driven processes.

The book is composed of three parts:-

  • Part I describes the operation and the thermodynamic base of combustion engines, the combustion and reaction kinetics as well as emissions building in six chapters. This chapter is completed by a proceeding concerning combustion measurement.
  • Part II with Chaps. 7–9 is dedicated to the operating process calculation, the charging process and the modelling of exhaust after-treatment systems.
  • Part III contains Chaps. 10–15 and starts with the overall process analysis. Part III is preferentially about the calculation possibilities in the combustion engine for e.g. phenomenological combustion models, simulation of injection and combustion and 3D simulations for fluid flow and supercharging.

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