Download 2004-2009 Lexus RX 300 Repair Manual

This is a complete original OEM Workshop Service and Repair Manual for the 2004-2009 Lexus RX 300, second generation (XU30), Engine (3.3L 3MZ-FE V6) with the wiring diagram in a simple PDF format.Β 

File Format PDF
File Language English
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Page Count 3,900
Wiring Diagram Included
Delivery Method Instant Download

This manual includes the procedures for maintenance, disassembling, reassembling, inspection, and adjustment of components and diagnostics for guidance of experienced mechanics. Please use this manual to ensure complete repair work to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. When replacement parts during repair work are needed, use Lexus OEM genuine parts.

Contents: 2004-2009 Lexus RX 300 Repair Manual

  • Introduction
  • Air Conditioning (AC)
  • Automatic Transaxle (AX)
  • Axle (AH)
  • Brake Control (BC)
  • Brake System (BR)
  • Charging (CH)
  • Cooling (CO)
  • Cruise Control (CC)
  • Differential (DF)
  • Door Lock (DL)
  • Drive Shaft (DS)
  • Emission Control (EC)
  • Engine Control System
  • Engine Hood & Door (ED)
  • Engine Immobiliser (EI)
  • Engine Mechanical (EM)
  • 3MZ-FE Engine Control System (ES)
  • Exhaust (EX)
  • Exterior (ET)
  • Fuel (FU)
  • Garage Door Opener (GD)
  • Horn (HO)
  • Ignition (IG)
  • Instrument Panel (IP)
  • Intake (IT)
  • Interior (IR)
  • Introduction (IN)
  • Lighting (LI)
  • Lubrication (LU)
  • Maintenance (MA)
  • Meter (ME)
  • MF2A Transfer (TF)
  • Mirror (MI)
  • Park Assist & Monitoring (PM)
  • Parking Brake (PB)
  • Power Steering (PS)
  • Propeller Shaft (PR)
  • Seat (SE)
  • Seat Belt (SB)
  • Supplemental Restraint System (RS)
  • Service Specifications (SS)
  • Sliding Roof (RF)
  • Starting (ST)
  • Steering Column (SR)
  • The suspension (SP)
  • Suspension Control (SC)
  • Theft Deterrent (TD)
  • Tire & Wheel (TW)
  • Windshield & Window glass (WS)
  • Wiper & Washer (WW)


CAUTION: Please note that this manual is made for the use of persons who have special techniques and certifications. If non-specialized or uncertified technicians perform repairs or services only using this manual or without proper equipment or tools, this may cause severe injury to you or other persons nearby and also cause damage to your vehicle. In order to prevent dangerous operations and damage to your vehicle, please be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.