Pros and Cons between OEM and Aftermarket Spare Parts

Dardoor Auto: It happens to all of us, we will at some point have to make repairs to our vehicle, or are in a collision.

OEM parts are designed exactly like the original parts that were installed in your vehicle on the assembly line. However, aftermarket parts are also designed to function similarly. In some cases, they may function better than OEM parts or they don’t. It’s all about the vehicle and what works best.

Here we show you some of the Pros and Cons of OEM and Aftermarket Parts.


Easy to choose and simple, unlike aftermarket that comes in only one type. Higher cost when compared to aftermarket parts.
Quality guaranteed always, because they are designed for their exact function. Some parts are limited to their availability, like parts purchased through an automaker or select suppliers.
They come with a warranty.


Lower cost than OEM, depending on the brand. Potentially worse quality, and may not function as well as OEM
Quality guaranteed always, because they are designed for their exact function. More of a selection, which can be overwhelming, which could increase your risk.
They come with a warranty. No Warranty

If you feel like your more confused, let us clarify that OEM parts are all equally created, and not all aftermarket parts are created equal. But the best option depends on what you exactly looking for or need. This pro’s and con’s list is to help you better make an informative decision.

Just remember, when shopping for auto parts, there are many good options. Whatever choice is made, be sure to choose the right part. Just like the importance of using the right tool for any job, there is no substitute for the right part. When selecting auto parts, there are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket options, and it is important to know the difference between the two and the best sources to locate and purchase them.

Let us make things more clear for you…

The OEM parts are those that the manufacturer used to assemble the vehicle. As we have mentioned before, they tend to cost more than other options, yet they are virtually guaranteed to fit just like the old parts. Remember that these are the same parts that were selected by the automotive engineers who designed the vehicle, so using OEM parts is also a way of validating and trusting their judgement. These parts typically come with a warranty, too. However, since some vehicle owners seek other affordable and viable options, sometimes based on lower prices, many vehicles open themselves up to a huge aftermarket supply of parts.

Sometimes aftermarket car parts are a viable option. These are parts that usually look identical to the OEM parts. Their function can be equal to or better than the original part, though that is not always a guarantee. When examining any aftermarket offering, be sure to physically check it against the OEM version to be sure it fits the same way. But, still, be cautious. Though they may look exactly the same, some aftermarket offerings may have been manufactured with materials or processes inferior to the OEM restrict manufacturing process. These parts may end up costing more later down the road, particularly if they are not backed by a warranty. However, some producers in the aftermarket seek out the flaws in the OEM versions and improve upon them. So, on the other end of this spectrum for aftermarket parts, there are offerings made with materials or processes to produce parts superior to the OEM option. Such an example would include, but not be limited to, high-performance parts, such as throttle bodies or exhaust manifolds. Sometimes it can even be a better design for a radiator. Though most vehicle owners are more interested in their vehicle is fixed right, the aftermarket options are viable if they truly are equivalent to or better than the original and if they are backed up by some piece of mind.

So, to summarize the issue, selecting parts from an aftermarket supplier should be based on the quality of the part, the reputation of the manufacturer, and the warranty. The task of finding the right aftermarket version can be overwhelming at times and even confusing. This again is due to the large market for these parts. For this reason and others, some vehicle owners simply elect to stay with the OEM version.

Whichever parts are chosen, please make sure that they are of good quality from sources that can be trusted. With people who know auto parts, especially ones that are hard to find, it is easier to locate and purchase everything needed to get back on the road quicker and safer. When locating auto parts in your city, consider saving time by working with reputable auto workshops instead of trying to search all over the vicinity for them.