How to Maintain Your Car Headlights for Lasting Brightness


Like with any other light, with time and overuse, your car’s headlights can start to slowly dim and become a serious safety hazard.

Read on to find out how, with expert tips by quality suppliers, you can maintain your car’s headlights to keep them shining bright for longer.

Why Bright Headlights Are Crucial
Bright headlights are extremely essential in quality and safe nighttime driving. HID headlights are the brightest on the market, and the light they emit covers a larger area than halogen and LED bulbs. HID bulbs are also more efficient at lighting up the sides of the road, which is great, especially when driving on dark country roads or highways at night.

But be careful when installing your HID lights because if not properly installed, they can reflect an intense amount of glare back onto oncoming drivers.

Opt to have them installed safely by experienced professionals instead of the DIY method of installation.

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How Long Do Standard Headlights Last?
Different headlights have different lifelines. LED headlights are the most durable and can run the longest, at more than 20,000 hours. This means they will almost never need to be replaced. HID bulbs are a little more sensitive and can work for 5,000 hours, which is less than LED bulbs but far longer than traditional halogen bulbs, which need constant replacement and care.


Tips for Maintaining Lasting Brightness

Keep Your Headlights Clean
Headlights can yellow or oxidize over time due to UV rays from the sun, but they can also get dirty from weather and environmental conditions or even lack of use. Keep your headlights clean by wiping them down with a water-based solution or polishing them. Dirty headlights can get in the way of a comfortable and stress-free driving experience at night.

Replace Every Few Years
Headlights are an essential part of nighttime driving, yet many fail to give them enough attention or care. Inspect your headlights dutifully every few months to make sure they are in excellent shape.

There are times when you will need to replace your headlights, when they are beginning to lose their power despite putting in new bulbs, or if they are highly oxidized and cannot be restored.

Check and Adjust Often
Routinely check on your headlight bulbs to make sure they are positioned to the center and are directly pointing towards the road. Bulbs misalign on their own over time and can end up pointing too high, too low, or off to one side. Use built-in bubble levellers to help you align the headlights.

They are typically located on the sides and top of the headlight unit. If you can see that the bubbles are not centred in the levellers, your headlights will need adjusting.

Address Clouding and Yellowing
When your lights turn yellow or cloud, this is called oxidization. Headlights oxidize when exposed to UV lights. If you have oxidized headlights, you can attempt to salvage them by polishing your headlights and cleaning the debris, dirt, and chemicals out of them. You can also invest in a headlight restoration kit, with steps that typically involve sanding and waxing. But if you don’t see a massive improvement, replacing them with something that will stay clear for longer is the way to go.

Check Alignment
Make sure your headlights are aligned properly. Misaligned headlights can potentially cause accidents of all sorts in traffic or alone on the road. If not accidents, they can merely make you feel uncomfortable.

Driving uncomfortably is one of the top “do-not” when it comes to car and driving safety.

Ensure That One Isn’t Functioning Better Than the Other
For a safe driving experience, you need to ensure that both your bulbs are functioning properly. One operating at a higher quality than the other can increase the risks that come with driving at night.

You will want to make sure your headlights provide you with the utmost security so that you can drive comfortably even in uncomfortable situations such as storms or blackouts.

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Ensure You’re Using the Correct Bulbs
Not all bulbs are created equal, and not all bulbs are compatible with all headlights. Ensure that you’re using the proper bulbs for your headlights when using HID headlights. If you use any other bulbs, they will not fit well.

Consult with your local shop for headlights to get information on HID conversion and all other necessities for your headlights.

Taking care of your headlights and investing in a quality feature can save your life. Many overlook the importance of headlights, but if you think about it, they’re the most vital organ of your car. They help you get to where you need to go safely at night, keep you from getting into accidents and keep you from getting lost.

Make the right choices when dealing with your headlights by using quality suppliers who will ensure your headlights are installed properly and are working smoothly so that you have nothing but smooth rides ahead of you.