Free Download: 2013 Cayenne Diesel (92A)

The successful Cayenne model line is set to welcome a 2013 Cayenne diesel version with the launch of the new Cayenne Diesel in 08/2012. This offer of a powerful and efficient 3.0 l V6 turbo diesel engine makes the Cayenne the first diesel in a Porsche we have offered on the North American market. The Cayenne Diesel thus follows on from the successful market launch of Porsche’s first diesel vehicle in 2009.

With the Cayenne Diesel, this strategy is primarily designed to take account of the trend of reducing fuel consumption and emissions without negating performance as a core brand value. In Europe, the Cayenne diesel is a solid component of the Cayenne model range because of the high demand since 2009. Also in the North American market, a distinct increase in sales of diesel models is noticeable besides the general trend of downsizing and hybrid vehicles in the SUV segment. With the use of the turbo-diesel engine in the Cayenne, the consumption in the US-Combined is 23 mpg.

Together with the standard 26-gallon tank, this results in a maximum range of approx. 600 miles. The low fuel consumption and the associated economy of the Cayenne Diesel are above all an argument for drivers with high annual mileage, particularly in view of rising fuel costs. The smaller displacement and the lower fuel consumption in comparison to the previous base engines of the Cayenne series do not mean compromises when it comes to sportiness. This is demonstrated by the high torque (max. 406 lb-ft), the performance that will take the car from 0-60 mph in 7.2 s and a top speed of 135 mph.

Porsche Service Training Team

DOWNLOAD: 2013 Cayenne Diesel (92A)