Download 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Service Repair Manual


This is the original OEM service and workshop repair manual for the 1998-2007 Toyota Landcruiser in a simple PDF file format.

This is the original OEM service and workshop repair manual for the 1998-2007 Toyota LandCruiser in a simple PDF file format. It is the same manual that your local Toyota dealer mechanics use to diagnose and repair your car.

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The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. It is Toyota’s longest-running series of models and the second longest-running SUV in production behind the Chevrolet Suburban. As of 2019, the sales of the Land Cruiser totalled more than 10 million units worldwide.

Production of the first generation of the Land Cruiser began in 1951 as Toyota’s version of a Jeep-like vehicle. The Land Cruiser has been produced in convertible, hardtop, station wagon and cab chassis body styles. The Land Cruiser’s reliability and longevity have led to huge popularity, especially in Australia, where it is the best-selling body-on-frame, four-wheel-drive vehicle. Toyota also extensively tests the Land Cruiser in the Australian outback – considered to be one of the toughest operating environments in both temperature and terrain. In Japan, the Land Cruiser is exclusive to Toyota Japanese dealerships called Toyota Store.

As of 2018, the Land Cruiser (J200) is available in many markets. Exceptions include Canada, Malaysia (which receives the Lexus LX instead), Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, and large parts of Europe. In Europe, the only countries where the Land Cruiser is officially sold are Gibraltar, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. The Land Cruiser is also hugely popular in Africa, where it is used by farmers, NGO’s, UN and humanitarian organizations, by national armies (often the pickup version) as well as by irregular armed groups who turn them into ‘technicals’ by mounting machine guns in the rear.

Please note that it is confirmed that 2021 is the last model year for the Legendary Toyota Land Cruiser in America. Of course, this isn’t the end for the Land Cruiser elsewhere, as it will continue in other world markets

CONTENTS: 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser

  • Air Conditioning.
  • Automatic Transmission.
  • Body Electrical.
  • Body Mechanical.
  • Brake.
  • Charging.
  • Collision.
  • Cooling.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Emission Control.
  • Engine Mechanical.
  • Electrical Wiring Diagrams.
  • Ignition.
  • Introduction.
  • Lubrication.
  • Maintenance.
  • Owner’s Manual.
  • Preparation.
  • Propeller Shaft.
  • Service Specifications.
  • SFI.
  • SRS.
  • Starting.
  • Steering.
  • Suspension & Axle.
  • Transfer.


CAUTION: Please note that this manual is made for the use of persons who have special techniques and certifications. If non-specialized or uncertified technicians perform repairs or service only using this manual or without proper equipment or tools, this may cause severe injury to you or other persons nearby and also cause damage to your vehicle. In order to prevent dangerous operations and damage to your vehicle, please be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.

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