2015-2016 Ford Ranger PX MKII Service Repair Manual


Download Original Service and repair manual of 2015-2016 Ford Ranger PX MKII in a simple PDF file format.

This is a complete Original Service and Repair Manual contains all necessary instructions needed to repair your 2015-2016 Ford Ranger PX MKII. It is the same manual that your local Ford dealer technicians use to diagnose and repair your car.

  • This manual has been written in a format that is designed to meet the needs of technicians and car owners worldwide. The objective is to use common and structural formats and procedures and to include similar content in each manual.
  • This manual provides general descriptions for accomplishing diagnosis and testing, service and repair work with tested and effective techniques. Following them will help to ensure the integrity and reliability of your car.
  • Important safety instruction, appropriate service methods and correct repair procedures, tools and equipment are essential for the safe, reliable operation of all motor vehicles as well as the personal safety of the individual carrying out the work.
  • Anyone who departs from the instructions provided in this manual must first establish that personal safety level first.

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This manual includes the procedures for maintenance, disassembling, reassembling, inspection, and adjustment of components and diagnostics for guidance of experienced mechanics. Please peruse and utilize this manual fully to ensure complete repair work to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. When replacement of parts during repair work is needed, be sure to use Ford genuine parts.

CONTENTS: 2015-2016 Ford Ranger PX MKII

1- Body and Equipment Mounting Manual (FOLDER)

1.1 – PX Ranger MkII-Body and Equipment Mounting Manual (PDF)

2- Ford Ranger PX MkII Workshop Manual (FOLDER)

2.1 – Workshop and Service Manual (PDF – 6849 pages)
2.2 – Specification (PDF)
2.3 – Metrics (PDF)
2.4 – Contents (PDF)

3- TSAs SSMs & FSAs as of July 6, 2016 (FOLDER)

3.1 – AC Inefficient Cooling (PDF)
3.2 – Fuel Gauge Returns to Empty after a Full Tank (PDF)
3.3 – Inverter Power Sockets (PDF)
3.4 – Oasis Broadcast Messages (PDF)
3.5 – Service AdvanceTrac® Malfunction Warning (PDF)

4- Wiring Diagrams ( contains 49 folders). 


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2015-2016 Ford Ranger

CAUTION: Please note that this manual is made for the use of persons who have special techniques and certifications. If non-specialized or uncertified technicians perform repairs or services only using this manual or without proper equipment or tools, this may cause severe injury to you or other persons nearby and also cause damage to your vehicle. In order to prevent dangerous operations and damage to your vehicle, please be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.


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