How to Design and Build an Electric Car

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How to Design and Build an Electric Car

The idea of building a car, never mind the even more potentially daunting thought of actually designing one, would to most people seem an outrageous and impossible idea. Surely that is something Ford or Mercedes do, and they’re quite good at it so let’s just leave it at that then. On the other hand, let’s not.

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Everyone in the world, almost, has heard of Henry Ford, but before Ford produced millions of cars which are now scattered all over our planet with their instantly recognizable blue oval logo, Henry Ford was at one time an unknown chap with a bit of an idea to build a car, just like you. However we are not talking about you trying to become the next Henry Ford or trying to emulate any of the greats of the car industry, this is better than that. Design and build your own.

In this unique book we follow the thought, design and build processes of the most prolific serial car designer in the UK in the last decade, for the development of a car, and elaborate on the methods and design criteria used to enable you to see at first hand the creator’s decision making in action, which gives you an insight into how it’s done and giving you sufficient technical background to allow you to design and build your own electric car.

If you don’t want to build a car but just want to learn how it’s done, you will also enjoy this book as armchair or bath time reading, and you will emerge equipped well enough to hold your own in conversations where any of the topics covered are raised. Enjoy the experience whichever option you are choosing.

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Book Language English
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Number of Pages 152
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