Free Download: 2006-2010 Cayenne Service Informaiton

2011 Cayenne, Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo

This Service Information Technik describes the technical modifications that have been made to the 2006 to 2010 Cayenne models based on the vehicles from the second generation. A separate brochure will be published due to the special characteristics of the Cayenne S Hybrid and special requirements regarding high-volt technology. This Service Information Technik does not include any related content.

The Service Information Technik does not contain any technical data or part numbers; it is not intended for use as a basis for carrying out repairs or diagnosis of technical problems. More detailed information for this purpose is available in PIWIS. We also recommend using the information available in the Porsche Academy. The information offered by the Porsche Academy is constantly being expanded and updated (also for other Porsche topics and product lines).
For example:

  • Access to Service Information Technik presented in the form of Web-Based Training Information (WBT)
  • Access to technical highlights
  • Selected technical questions from all areas of Porsche vehicle engineering, prepared as a multimedia technical quiz
  • Access to technical principles
  • The current Porsche Cars North America, Inc., training program
  • The content of this brochure corresponds to the information status of February 2010.

Porsche Service Training Team

DOWNLOAD: 2006-2010 Cayenne, Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo

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