Automotive Electricity: Electric Drives

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Automotive Electricity: Electric Drive

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Automotive Electricity: Electric Drives

Since the beginning of the century, electrical engineering has invaded our daily life (light bulbs, electric robots, etc.). It is present in the majority of our everyday objects. Today it is strongly involved in the automotive market.

While the change in this field has been very slow over the last ten last years, it is now beginning to accelerate and we are witnessing a wave driven by regulatory constraints and market laws that are sweeping away the last bastions of resistance.

Even if the electric car has not experienced real success, automotive electricity and electronics now hold an important place. I dedicate this book to all of the pioneers who fought against the reservations and resistance of the system so that electrical engineering could find its place, to all those visionaries and dreamers with genius ideas, who still believe in the electric car and who are delighted by the progress of hybrid cars: for in a way, this book is also their work.

Book Format PDF
Book Language English
Book Size 12.4 MB
Number of Pages 324
ISBN 978-1-118-61737-3
Publisher Wiley-ISTE, March 2013
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