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Welcome! On this site, you’ll find the largest collection of OEM manuals for car repairs of all brands. Here you can find a lot of books, manuals and recommendations on how to quickly and accurately repair your car. Even with such a large number of car services, not every driver can pay for not cheap repairs. Also, self-repair allows you to achieve perfect quality, since only the result of the repair depends on you.

Our resource has an extensive information base, which contains a variety of literature about cars of various brands and their repair. Plus, our site is visited by authors of published material, which allows you to ask your question to a qualified specialist. You can learn many new things, get valuable advice and become a true professional in the maintenance and repair of your vehicle.

Any data on our website, users can download for free in PDF format. For you we collected:

  1. Guidelines for the repair and maintenance of cars;
  2. Various instructions for the replacement or repair of components and parts;
  3. Electrical wiring diagram on any brand of car.

All downloaded documents and books are scanned for danger programs – your devices will be completely safe after downloading our files. Here you can find technical specifications, descriptions and manuals on the repair and maintenance of cars and other vehicles of domestic and foreign production, recommendations on the operation of commercial vehicles and so on.

Whatever car you use today, on our website you can find all the information about it. We have collected an extensive collection of manuals, books and instructions for vehicles of any year, brand and country of production. Literature in PDF format will help to understand and master the science of the device of the car, all its components, design and design. With our help, you will learn how to solve absolutely any problems that arise during the use of a car.

We care about all of our users, so all manuals, manuals, books, and diagrams have been translated into many languages. You do not have to understand unfamiliar and incomprehensible terms, because all the books are available in your own language! Here you can download manuals for car repair and maintenance in English, French, Russian, Italian, German, Czech, Swedish, Chinese, Korean. With us, you with your eyes closed will be able to disassemble and assemble your car without any problems!

The advantages of our resource are:

  • Save time – now you do not have to search for the right literature on other sites or in bookstores in your city.
  • Fast and secure downloads in a convenient format – in just a few seconds you will be able to start exploring the necessary information.
  • The best publications, the opportunity to talk with the authors and professionals.
  • Completely free use of our resources for everyone!
  • With our website, you will no longer need an expensive car service!

We are always happy to welcome those who wish to self-educate, save their time and money with the help of useful information about your car! Search, download and find out everything about machines with Dardoor.com.

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