3D Automotive Modeling

Free Automotive Book: An Insiders Guide to 3D Car Modeling and Design for Games and Film by Andrew Gahan

3D Automotive Modeling

About This Book

3D Automotive Modeling book is designed to bring the two important skills of design and modelling together and to feature some of the best designers and modellers in the industry. I have produced this book to showcase how ideas start from nothing, go through a design phase, move on to blueprints, and then finally finish rendered as 3D models.

I want to show you exactly how the professionals work, in their words, revealing exactly how they work, how they solve problems, and how they earn a living designing and modelling vehicles for games, films, and the vehicle manufacturers themselves. Having worked in the games industry for almost 20 years and worked on lots of titles with scores of professional designers and modellers, I knew exactly who to ask to help me with this project.

Book Format PDF
Book Language English
Book Size 45 MB
Page Count 468
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